OECD Commentaryjpg
Pieth, Mark, Lucinda A. Low and Nicola Bonucci (eds.) (2014), The OECD Convention on Bribery, A Commentary, 2nd edn, Cambridge
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Festschrift Ingeborg Schwenzerjpg
Pieth, Mark (2011), ‘Contractual Freedom v. Public Policy Considerations in Arbitration’, in: Büchler, A./Müller-Chen, M. (eds.),
Private Law, national-global-comparative, Festschrift für Ingeborg Schwenzer zum 60. Geburtstag, Band II, Bern, 1375
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ICC Dossierjpg
Pieth, Mark (2003), ‘Transnational commercial bribery: Challenge to arbitration’, in: Karsten, K./Berkeley, A. (eds.),
Arbitration: Money Laundering, Corruption and Fraud, ICC Dossiers, Paris, 41
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Betz Cambridgejpg
Betz, Kathrin (2017),
Proving Bribery, Fraud and Money Laundering in International Arbitration, On Applicable Criminal Law and Evidence, Cambridge (hardback; first paperback edition published in 2018)
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ASA Bulletinjpg
Betz, Kathrin (2017), ‘Economic crime in international arbitration’, 35
ASA Bulletin 281
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